Marshmallow Snowman Cookies

Marshmallow Snowman Cookies
Marshmallow Snowman Cookies


  • Marshmallows
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Candy corn
  • Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Extra long toothpicks (4 inches)

How To Make

  • The pretzel sticks are a little too long for the proportion of the snowman, so I bit off the ends, leaving them about 3/4 as long as they were to begin with. Just experiment and see what look you like. Also, I find that they go in a little easier if you twist them as you’re pushing them into the marshmallow.
  • Normal sized toothpicks won’t work; you need the 4 inch variety, which is pretty easy to find at most grocery stores. Slide three marshmallows on the toothpick to create a snowman, then use scissors to clip off the pointy end of the toothpick.
  • Use the toothpick to poke holes for the arms, legs, and nose, and then push pretzels and a candy corn in the snowman. Then poke small holes for the buttons and push mini chocolate chips into the holes.
  • Place some mini chocolate chips in a sandwich baggie and melt in your microwave (30 seconds at a time until melted). Snip off a tiny corner of the baggie and “pipe” the chocolate out to draw eyes and a mouth on the snowman.
  • Make sure to let small kids know that there is a toothpick inside the snowman before they start eating it.


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