Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Minimalist Home Decorating Tips With Unique Wooden Floor

Home is an important place because this place other than as a shelter is also a place of family gathering, sharing happiness, where the child grows and a place for inspiration. The importance of the function of this house makes an interior design in the house needs to be made with careful consideration.

One of the home decors that can be applied to the home to be comfortable and beautiful is a house with minimalist decor. Homes with minimalist interior decor provide more roomy space or relief so that people will feel at home to stay in it. Minimalist house is not necessarily a plain and boring house, you can make your home a minimalist yet unique.

Creating a home with a minimalist and unique style obtained by creating a harmonious decoration between indoor decoration with outdoor decoration of the house both in the front yard or in the backyard of the house.

Some ways can be taken to make a minimalist home to be unique. One of them is by using the wooden floor. Wooden floors give a different feel to a house because of its unusual and contemporary impression. Wooden flooring gives natural and natural feel in the middle of the modern minimalist decoration of your room, so the room will look unique and not boring.

The look of the wooden floor will also make the overall appearance of the interior decoration of a room will look more elegant and harmonious. The wooden floors impressed a warmer atmosphere especially when it was winter or rainy season. This will be different when you use floor tiles or marble on your home floor.

A cool ceramic or marble floor will make your house cooler during the rainy or winter seasons. In addition to bringing a warm impression in your home, the wooden floor will give a natural feel and make the interior decoration of your home will be more visible close to the environment.

The design and appearance of the wooden floor are varied and varied. The variations of the color, darkness, and motifs or shapes are etched on the wood. Choosing wooden flooring can be adjusted to decoration theme and color from other furniture.

Considering other furniture colors and wall paint as a basis for choosing colors and wood floor motifs will help you get a more harmonious interior decoration design. As an inspiration, you can find various examples of room photos that use different wooden floor models.

Each color and model of the wooden floor will give different nuances and will present different levels of warmth in the room. You can also use wood floor decoration design as an indoor accent, such as making a certain shape pattern on a wooden floor in the center of the room.


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