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The Most Powerful Way To Clean The Granite Floor To Stay Shiny

The Most Powerful Way To Clean The Granite Floor To Stay Shiny - The beauty of the motif from the granite floor makes many people interested to install this floor at home. Granite floor prices also tend to be expensive compared to ordinary tile floors.

In addition, this type of floor also requires extra care. Because, if not cleaned properly, the color of your granite floor can be dull. As a result, you have to find a way to polish the dull granite floor to restore the bright colors of your floor.

The Most Powerful Way To Clean The Granite Floor To Stay Shiny

Want to know how to clean the right granite floor to keep it shiny every day? Relax, Bachateros will provide information on tips and how to clean the granite floor easily.

How To Clean Granite Floor

1. Clean daily

To prevent granite floor colors from becoming dull and looking dirty, you should clean the granite floor every day. How to clean the granite floor daily you can do like mopping the floor every day. If necessary use a granite floor cleaning and special liquids to mop the granite floor.

However, if you do not have special tools and fluids to clean the granite floor, it does not matter if you use mop and water. Daily cleaning is only used to keep the floor clean and hygienic.

2. Perform cleaning to polish the floor

The beauty of the granite floor can be seen clearly when the floor looks shiny. So, how do I polish the dull granite floor? Perform special weekly cleaning using well water, avoid using mineral and chlorine-containing tap water.

Also, use granite floor polish to make your floor more glossy. This particular cleansing can be done once a week to keep your floor luster clear.

3. Use a tool that cannot scratch the floor

If you usually clean the stains on the tile floor with all kinds of equipment available, you can not just use any kind of tool to clean the granite floor.

Avoid tools that can cause abrasion on the floor, such as abrasive sponges or rough towels. Use a tissue or a soft cloth to clean the granite floor.

4. Clean the stain with a safe material

There are several ways to clean the granite floor from the stains that are already attached to the surface of the floor. You can use the following ingredients to clean the stain on the granite floor without fading the floor color itself:

  •    Dishwashing liquid soap

When there is a stain attached to the granite floor, you can immediately take a bucket, warm water, and dishwashing liquid soap to clean the stain. Make sure you use a soft mop to remove stains on the granite floor.

After wiping the floor with a mop soaked in a warm water solution and dishwashing liquid soap, rinse the mop with clean water and wipe it on the floor to remove soap residue. Polish the floor with a clean microfiber cloth to remove water spots that can fade floor colors.

  •     Baking soda

Baking soda is known to remove stains in white shirts, but this one is also reliable to clean stains on the granite floor. Make a thick paste of baking soda and water. Then, cover the stain on the floor with this paste and let stand overnight.

The next day wipes a damp cloth to clean the pasta. If stains are stubborn like paint stains or markers, use acetone or alcohol to clean them.

5. Polish granite every few moments

The only way to remove scratches on the granite floor is to polish the floor. You can find granite polishing services that are widely spread in big cities. Polish granite when there are scratches or stains that can not be removed alone.

In addition to using the services of granite polish, you can also make natural granite polishing materials, you know. The trick is almost the same as how to remove stains on the granite floor, ie by using baking soda paste. However, you should smear the entire floor with this paste with a soft brush or Kanebo.

Tips on Caring for Granite Floor

Not only pay attention to how to clean the granite floor, you also have to do simple maintenance to keep the beauty of this luxurious floor. There are some tips you should do to maintain the beauty of the granite floor, namely:

1. Avoid using regular floor cleaning fluid

As we have mentioned before, granite floors require extra care than others. You can not use regular floor cleaning fluid to clean granite. If there is no granite floor polish, you can use only water media. However, it is still recommended that you use a special liquid to clean the granite floor.

2. Provide a doormat at the entrance

What does it do to provide a doormat with caring for granite flooring to keep it clean and shiny? Doormats are useful for cleaning the feet of people who will enter your residence. Dust and sand are one of the causes of fast and dull granite floor granite.

Therefore, always provide a clean doormat in front of the entrance. In addition, familiarize the guests who come to remove the footwear because the sand and soil attached to their footwear can make the floor dull quickly.

3. Do not put the furniture sharp and rough

To protect the granite floor from scratches, make sure you do not put the sharp and rough furniture on the floor. Because the granite floor scratched can only be polished with special ingredients to remove the scratches. In addition, avoid the use of vacuum cleaner on the granite floor because the wheel of this vacuum cleaner machine can scratch the floor surface.

4. Choose a quality floor cleaning fluid

Not only avoid the usual floor cleaning fluid, you also have to choose a quality granite floor cleaning fluid. Avoid acid floor cleaners and overly harsh chemicals as they may damage floor surfaces.

Always use granite cleanser with a balanced pH. If you do not find a special liquid to clean the granite floor, use warm water and dishwashing liquid soap only.

5. Immediately clean the granite floor after installation

Why should you immediately clean the newly installed granite floor? Because the newly installed floor would be very dirty because of dust. Not to mention if there is cement residue attached to the floor surface.

How to clean the newly installed granite floor cannot be arbitrary. Instead, ask the builder who installed the floor to clean it. Then, you can clean it again by mopping the floor.

How to clean the granite floor is very useful for you who want to install this luxurious floor at home. In essence, do the regular cleaning to keep the luster and cleanliness of this floor.


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