Thursday, November 15, 2018

Some Things To Look For When Choosing Furniture For Your Child

For those of you who already have children, it would be confusing to choose what kind of furniture is right for your child. Selection of furniture for this child should be considered properly because it will follow the needs of child development. Do not let you choose a model of furniture that potentially harm your child, especially toddlers. Some things to consider in choosing child furniture are:

 1. Metal materials

Currently a lot of variations of furniture models. Do not choose furniture made from metal. This will avoid the consequences of a much more dangerous impact on your child. Materials made of metal also have the potential to conduct electricity when furniture is equipped with accessories connected with electricity.

 2. The end of the furniture

Notice the ends of furniture that will be installed in your child's room. Avoid selection of furniture that has sharp edges. Pililah furniture that has a slightly rounded end or attaches a protective cover on the end of the furniture so it is safe for your child.

3. Glass material

The glass is usually used as a complementary furniture, such as some furniture that puts the glass on the bottom of furniture with a relatively large size. The placement of glass in this furniture potentially jeopardize your child's safety such as the risk of rupture or cracking, especially if you have children under five. So pay attention to the placement and size of glass that will be used as a complimentary furniture of your child's room. It is advisable to choose the type of furniture made from wood or plastic to be more secure for your child.

4. Size

To develop motor skills, it is no secret if sometimes toddlers are still happy to climb. Therefore pay attention to the height of the furniture. Choose furniture that is not too short to avoid the possibility of climbing, especially if the type of furniture is coated the glass.

Basically, the needs of furniture for children with furniture for adults is not much different, only in terms of smaller size and furniture for children more use a more daring color variations.

In addition to some of the things that should be noted above in the selection of furniture for children, the selection of theme rooms such as wallpaper for your child should also be considered. Ask your child what he or she is interested in or who is making him feel interested right now. It can be used as a reference for you.

Selection of the right furniture will make the comfort of the bedroom for your child. Atria provides furniture products that will meet your child's needs. With the promo price, every month is definitely very friendly for your pocket.


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